COVID-19, Vaccinations & The Retreat

Disclaimer: This section is written based on the knowledge and regulations in place at the point of writing (Last Updated: June 2024). We will monitor developments and reserve the right to change the measures put in place. Changes will be shared via the #retreat-announcements Slack channel.


Camunda Testing Requirements

There are no testing requirements to attend this year’s Retreat.

Camunda Vaccination Requirements

There are no vaccination requirements to attend this year’s Retreat.

Dominican Republic Mask Requirements

There are no mandatory mask requirements in the Dominican Republic.

During air travel, it is advised to change masks every 4 hours, if wearing them.

Testing at the Retreat

We will have ample tests and masks available at the Retreat. You can find them located at the Main Bar. Please help yourself. We generally encourage you to test whilst at the Retreat but will not monitor this.

If you receive a positive test result whilst at the Retreat, please contact Eve via Slack immediately.

If you test positive after a second test you must self-isolate according to Dominican law. Camunda will support the cost of quarantine.

If you start to feel unwell before the Retreat, please test yourself. If you test positive, do not travel to the Retreat. Find out how to cancel your attendance HERE.

Please note that if you catch COVID-19 during FTO, on either side of the Retreat, Camunda will NOT support any quarantine costs.


There are no mandatory vaccinations to enter the Dominican Republic*. Camunda will not cover the cost of any recommended vaccinations. 

If you have certain health concerns, please reach out to Eve via Slack to discuss things further.

*Individuals arriving from Venezuela & Brazil, or that have recently visited either location will need to show certification of Yellow Fever vaccination. You can read more at the bottom of THIS page.