Here you can find a collection of some frequently asked questions – if your question doesn’t appear here, please feel free to contact us at any time.

As of today, we expect the Retreat to go ahead as planned. Please check here to find out further information related to COVID-19 & the Retreat in general.

To share your awesome retreat pictures with your colleagues, feel free to post them on the #companyretreat2022 channel and upload them here: ‘Camunda Company Retreat Pictures 2022’. Please refrain from sharing on social media unless you have consent from any colleagues that may feature, first.

Disclaimer: Camunda Services GmbH and its entities use photos of events for advertising and public relations purposes. By attending this event, you consent to the unlimited and free use of any resulting photos by Camunda Services GmbH and its entities. This includes use on the internet, in print media, in mailings, and on TV, via all distribution channels including unchanged or altered presentation of the photos

The Camunda Company Retreat is for Camunda staff only. Now that the company is growing, we want to use this time to build a strong company culture and to get to know each other in person.

Not to worry though, there will be other events where you partner/spouse/family/dog is more than welcome 🙂

If your arrival flight time does not match with the pre-arranged coaches from the airports to the resort, please note that the transfer will have to be arranged by yourself.

We recommend www.gettransfer.com. Once you know your transfer details please contact Eve and let her know your expected arrival time at the resort.

  • When booking the transfer via www.gettransfer.com, the resort address is “301 Resort Dr, Tannersville, PA 18372, United States”.

The transfers can be reimbursed following THESE guidelines.

First of all, please find more info about luggage allowance in general under “Travel”.

Regarding clothing:

By mid-June, the expected average daytime temperature will be around 23°C – 29°C (75°F – 84°F), while average low temperatures are around 12°C -16°C (54°F – 60°F).

Whilst the grounds of the resort will all be level, it is likely that you will participate in some outdoor activities, so please bring some good shoes (like hiking shoes or sturdy trainers). Besides that, a good mix of shorts, t-shirts, long pants and pullovers/sweatshirts, a swimsuit,  and a raincoat will make sense. No need for fancy clothes (gowns, suits, high heels) but feel free to dress up if you like!

In order to check the live temperature, which might make packing a little easier, have a look at the weather forecast provided at the bottom of the front page of the website.

You can also see a list of suggested packing items HERE. Please note that this is not a full packing list, just additional items that may make your stay easier. Your luggage is your own responsibility.

Camelback Resort will have its own lost property service. Simply visit https://forgotmyitem.com/ and enter in Hotel Code 10614, after this fill out the full form and hit submit. Their Public Safety team will receive your inquiry and reach out to you separately about the item in question. 

Camunda is not responsible for lost or broken private property. If we receive any items back we will inform you via Slack.

Yes. If you wish to stay longer at the resort, this is not a problem at all. However, you must organize, book and pay for this yourself.

Registration is now closed for current Camundos. Any new starters will be reached out to, via email. The final list of attendees and travel plans is needed by 12 May 2022. Once you have filled out the attendance form, you will be emailed your answers for future reference and able to access the live attendance form (bookmarked on the #companyretreat2022 Slack channel).

First of all, you are more than welcome to attend the Camunda Company Retreat. Regarding your hours: your time spent at the Retreat will count towards your working hours – so you can settle each day with a max. of 8 working hours.

For the 13-17 June 2022, you do not need to hand in vacation days. If you decide to add private time to your trip in the US, then yes, the usual time off process applies.

If you are unable to keep the Camunda Company Retreat free of appointments, speak to your line manager. Maybe you can set up a team rota to cover the most urgent issues of your department.

We also recommend that you take your work laptop with you, just in case you end up having to quarantine whilst away. We will also have a quiet work space set up at the resort, for those who need it.

Yes, if you are not attending the Camunda Company Retreat and you are not on vacation or sick, you need to work as usual.

GmbH, Inc, Ltd. and PTE employees are fully covered via our company travel insurance. 

Velocity employees: Please purchase travel insurance for the duration of the trip and reimburse via Expensify. If time-limited insurance is not possible and only yearly cover is available, please contact Nastasja ([email protected]) in advance.

Please note, that this insurance only covers you whilst traveling for the company retreat. Any personal holidays on either side will need to be self-insured.