General Travel Info


For those that can get an ESTA, you must organize this yourself and reimburse any related costs following THESE guidelines. The time to procure ESTAs may vary from country to country so please look into this yourself.

For those that cannot travel on an ESTA to the US, Camunda is no longer opening new VISA applications due continued delays caused by COVID-19.

For those filling our ESTAs. When adding you ‘US point of contact information’, please state the details for your first nights stay in the US. If that place is Camelback, please see below for the contact details:

Nicole Pesota, Camelback Resort, 193 Resort Drive, Tannersville, PA, 18372, +1 (570) 629-1665.

What to say at Customs

When going through US customs you might be asked, “What is the purpose of this trip?” 

It is important to note that persons traveling to the US under an ESTA or a B visa are not allowed to actively work in the US. This is because ESTA and B visas only cover touristic purposes.  

When going through customs we recommend not using the phrase, “traveling for work” at the border when entering the U.S. Instead, you can say, “You are traveling to attend Camunda’s annual Retreat.” 

Since the purpose of travel is a mix between business and pleasure, it is covered by the ESTA and B visa. 

Issues with entry at boarder control

In the unfortunate case that you get rejected entry to the US at border control, please contact Eve (+44 7888 381 873).

The Retreat Crew will support you to get back to your country of residence and any related costs will be covered by Camunda.

Luggage Allowance

If you are on a Camunda organized flight from outside of the US, you are allowed to bring 23kg hold luggage + 1 small cabin bag. This has already been paid for by Camunda.

For Camunda organized flights within the US, we are unable to automatically apply hold luggage to the booking. You can add one piece of hold luggage at the check-in desk and reimburse following THESE guidelines.

For flights booked by yourself, please check the restrictions of the flight company. You can add one piece of hold luggage when booking and reimburse following THESE guidelines.

Luggage restrictions can vary from airline to airline, please check with them directly. Usual restrictions are as follows:

  • Cabin bag: Maximum size 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels. 
  • Hold luggage: A standard hold bag is 23kg.

You can see a list of suggested packing items HERE. Please note that this is not a full packing list, just additional items that may make your stay easier. Your luggage is your own responsibility.


Camunda is not arranging dedicated airport catering for any flights.

There will be on-flight catering, depending on your airline flight length, as well as catering outlets at the airports. None of which is organised by Camunda.

Feel free to purchase food and drink for your travels and reimburse following THESE guidelines.

Per Diems (“Verpflegungsmehraufwand”):

Since all meals are covered and we allow 1:1 reimbursements of food expenses on the days of the Company Retreat, you cannot claim a per diem allowance for 13-17 June.

Please note that if you are traveling after the Company Retreat, Camunda will only cover the cost of food on the 17th up to and at the airport if flying and the moment you leave the resort, if not flying. Any travel past that point, is considered personal and any additional food expenses are your own.