COVID-19 & The Retreat

Disclaimer: This section is written based on the knowledge and regulations in place at the point of writing (May 23). We will monitor developments and reserve the right to change the measures put in place. Changes will be shared via the #retreat-announcements Slack channel.

Camunda Testing Requirements

To attend the Retreat, a negative COVID-19 test must be provided by all attendees. You will not be allowed to enter the Retreat resort without having submitted results.

Type of Test

Home test ONLY: Any at-home self-test is sufficient. The test results mustn’t be older than 48 hrs by the time you arrive at the resort.

Camunda covers the cost of tests up to 5 USD/EUR/GBP.

Request a Spendesk card or reimburse following our expense policy.

Submitting Results

Your test results (picture of the negative test, date of test, your full name) must be submitted to an Egnyte folder (link to be shared closer to the Retreat date) for review by Nastasja Johnston and Eve Plumridge. Nastasja and Eve will be the only two individuals with access to this folder and your submitted results will be deleted once acknowledged. 

Camunda Vaccination Requirements

There are no Vaccination requirements to attend this year’s Retreat.

Italian Mask Requirements

There are no legal requirements to wear a mask on public transport or indoor environments. 

It is recommended by the Italian government to wear masks inside, but it is NOT mandatory.

Some airlines still require you to wear an FFP2 mask (please note this is different from the standard N95 mask) when flying into the country.

During air travel, it is advised to change masks every 4 hours.

Testing at the Retreat

We will have ample tests and masks available at the Retreat. You can find them located at both Receptions. Please help yourself.

We generally encourage you to test whilst at the Retreat but will not monitor this.

If you receive a positive test result whilst at the Retreat, please contact Nastasja via Slack immediately.

If you test positive after a second test you must self-isolate for five days. You may stop isolating before the fifth day if an antigen test carried out by a health facility/pharmacy is negative.

Once out of isolation, you must still wear an FFP2 mask when out in public until day ten.

Please note that if you catch COVID-19 during any FTO, on either side of the Retreat, Camunda will NOT support any quarantine costs.

Travel Home

Most countries and airlines no longer require proof of negative tests or vaccination to travel with them. Please familiarize yourself with the entry requirements of your next destination after the Retreat and any airline requirements.